Thursday, 14 February 2013

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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! 

 In Finland, Valentine's day is not actually directed towards couples and lovers, as is the case in many other countries, but the actual name of the holiday is 'ystävänpäivä', or friend's day. The commercial lovey-dovey stuff is making its way over here as well, but I really like the idea of dedicating a day to your friends. This way you don't have to get depressed if you're single on Valentine's Day - just go have a girls' night out or invite a couple of friends over for a movie! Friendship is a beautiful thing, so hold on to your pals. As for myself, I can't say I have many friends. I have people I enjoy spending time with, sure. I have people to go out with, people to gossip with. But I am looking for something more, something I haven't had for years now - real friendship. It's partly what got me pen palling in the first place - someone new to talk to, to hear from, to develop a bond with. I'm happy to say that some of my pen pals have become very important for me. Every now and then I'm afraid I'm too old to make new friends, because it seems that everybody else's important relationships were forged in high school already, but then I think of all the great pen pals I've met during the last couple of years. I trust that real friendship will come when I'm ready for it, with the right person or people. 

 To me, friendship is...
Summer evenings that turn into nights and mornings, people coming and going as they wish, and conversation that flows on and on.

 Letting your hair down, enjoying and doing silly things.

 Impromptu coffee, sharing thoughts and the feeling of refreshment upon parting. 

 What does friendship mean to you? And how did you spend your Valentine's Day?

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P.S. Next week I'll be blogging from home again! I can't wait to see all the mail that's waiting for me!

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