Friday, 1 March 2013

track 016 - holiday

Happy holiday to me! Or, a period of independent studying as they put it... meaning, I can't fully get away from school things, but at least I can fully get away from school! I'm celebrating that by watching Zoo Days accompanied by popcorn, reading a lot and writing this week's last Lettermo letter. A classmate of mine is celebrating his 24th birthday today, but the last few days I've felt sluggish and afraid that I might be catching a flu of some sorts, so I'm probably not going. There will be more parties... (:

Yesterday's Lettermo letter was something I really enjoyed making! It's a part of Self-made envies swap on swapbot. Now, I'm not sure if swaps count towards Lettermo, but I also included a short letter so I'm deciding it counts. Plus I really wanted to show the envelope to you guys! I usually stick to basic stuff when I make envelopes - making them out of interesting paper so I don't have to add a lot of embellishments, or making it out of plain paper and collaging on it. But yesterday I felt like drawing, and my swap partner's profile mentioned feathers, so I drew a feather. And it ended up pretty!

Today I got a package from my mum: she always sends them with loads of stamps instead of the boring post office barcode. This package featured this year's and last year's Finnish Valentine's day stamps! Also some autumn stamps on the left.

This is what was inside: magazines, a couple of kitchen wipes she made and a card that also doubles as a sticker sheet. She said she got the car insurance letter I forwarded to her after it was being sent to me, and wished me a happy holiday, reminding that if we have the energy/desire, we can visit them, too. I think we're staying home this holiday, but I already reserved Easter for visiting my family! (:

Happy weekend, everyone! And those who finished their Lettermo - congratulations! What are your feelings now? (:

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