Saturday, 30 March 2013

track 021 - still alive

Hi everyone!

I'm still alive, yes. School hassle has taken all my energy lately, but now we're spending Easter in Lapland with my parents. It's been filled with ice fishing (my boyfriend did that for the first time!), driving the snowmobile (my boyfriend did that for the first time, too!) enjoying the sunshine, eating lots of yummy food and generally just relaxing. (I've read two books so far!) I finished my Lettermo when I was supposed to - 18th of March - but forgot to take a picture of that, as well as two letters that went to Mickey in the Netherlands (who's expecting her first child! Now that she has it in her blog, too, I can tell you guys I am so excited for her! She's going to be an awesome mother.) and Helena in Japan. Too bad, next time better.

But! I promise as soon as I get back home I'll take pictures of the wonderful mail I have received lately. Plus my mom found some old stamps that she gave to me - they date back to the 1950's and are gorgeous! I can't wait to use them in collages and send them to people! Speaking of which... does someone collect old stamps? I have beautiful Finnish ones now, so just holler!

To end this post I'll show you guys some images that have caught my heart (not just eye) lately. I've been dreaming of having a simpler life - you know, a house and a sunny garden, a couple of chickens and cute kids, pantry full of self-made jams and pickles. I never thought of myself as the homemaking kind, but maybe I'm getting old? Or maybe it's just spring affecting me! Does anyone else share my secret dream? I was thinking of renting a small veggie patch from the city of Oulu - they start renting them in May again - and seeing how that goes first! :D

Happy spring to everyone!


  1. It's funny, I've been feeling the same way. Had you asked me a couple of years ago, my idea of a perfect life would've been a career in computers and a flat in London. Now I'm truly weirded out that I could ever think that way, and instead I want a house on the countryside, still preferrably somewhere in the UK though, and a career in anything that pays my bills and gives me enough money to live a decent life.
    I think what's changed for me is partially my age, I'm 24 now, things aren't the way they were when I was a teenager and I'm happy about that. I've grown up. But also I've lived in a small town for the past 9 years and I guess I've just started to appreciate it for more than the fact that it's cheap to live here :P

    I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way though! Those pictures are beautiful by the way, I'm always baffled at how people manage to find such beauty on Pinterest!

    1. I'm glad to hear someone shares these thoughts with me! It's funny how people can change in a couple of years - when I started my studies in 2011 I was so certain that I wanted to become a producer and work for big music festivals, network like crazy and make loads of money. After I left the small village I had lived in for most of my life, I swore I'd never move to countryside again. Now all I want is to find something fulfilling and meaningful to do with my days and a peaceful place to call home!

      It's easy to find beauty on Pinterest when you follow the right people... I get bombarded by gorgeous pictures every time I open that site! It's so easy to get sucked in for hours...

    2. I guess it's just a question of other things becoming more important, but for me at least, it's a good change. I see it as a sign that I'm becoming a more calm and harmonic person :)

      I started following a couple of your boards, I have a feeling that'll be a good start! I'm only active on Pinterest in periods because I seem to forget it sometimes, but oh my there's some lovely stuff out there!