Friday, 8 March 2013

track 019 - save a post office

Hello fellow snailmailers!

One day I stumbled upon a blog post written by Jane Davies, a woman who owns the cutest small post office ever.
Isn't it cute? Image via Jane's blog.

 However, since the office is cute and tiny and there isn't that much mail going through it, it's under the threat of being swallowed by larger offices.

Artist's rendition. Image via google.

Isn't that a shame? However, you can make a difference! Make a piece of art and turn it into a post card, mail it over to Jane, and she will mail you one in return! You can read Jane's blog post, see pictures of the cards you might receive in return, read all the comments by people who have done it or plan to do it, and find more instructions over here. I might just give it a go during my Month of Letters - I've never made a post card before, so wish me luck! I'll make sure to report back here if I manage to create anything.

Has someone done this already? Did it feel awesome to know you made a difference?

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