Friday, 11 January 2013

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Hello again!

So, in my first post I explained a bit why I'm writing this blog. In this post I will tell you who the person writing this blog is! I find it annoying when I read a blog where the writer never really introduces themselves, or does it very briefly. I'm a voyeur by nature, and to satisfy my curiosity, I want to know! Everything and anything! So, here goes my attempt to satisfy my readers' (a bit optimistic now, since nobody reads it yet, but I plan to get readers!) curiosity.

At the moment of writing, I am 21 years, 7 months and almost 3 days old. In other words, I was born in June 8th, 1991. In Finland. I lived the first 19 years of my live above the Arctic Circle, then I moved to Belgium to work as an au pair. After a few months, I moved to the Netherlands and lived with my boyfriend's family - I loved it in the Netherlands. The atmosphere and the people were so different from the reserved Finns, and I felt like the Dutch are more open to different kinds of people, whereas the Finns tend to judge everything that isn't the norm. Obviously there are exceptions, but that's the overall impression I got. I lived in the Netherlands for two months, and then moved back to Finland in January 2011. In June 2011, my boyfriend moved in with me and we've been living together in Oulu ever since.

So, that's my life story very briefly... since nobody really ever cares what has happened to the person before they start writing the blog, eh? It's the events that happen during the blog-writing that really matter, because then you get almost a live commentary on the writer's life. So, let me tell you what's happening in my life and what I'm planning for the future!

Right now, my life is in a bit of lull. I study media production, and I do like it, I'm just not too keen on the courses we're having right now, haha. Next autumn I'm planning to go on an exchange period, and I'm really excited about that, though! Any guesses where I want to go? (drum roll) The Netherlands! On the other hand, it's going to be a lot of work with all the stuff we have here in Finland, but hey, if other exchange students have managed to do something about their stuff, I'm sure I can do something, too.

I've never been much of a hobby type, or rather, I have, just not the organized ones. I like to do things when I feel like doing them, not when I'm told to do them. (This has caused some problems with school deadlines over the years... I'm a huge procrastinator.) However, this spring I've enrolled myself on a dance course that begins next Tuesday, and I'm actually really looking forward to it! Other hobbies I have are pen palling (I have such amazing pen pals! Expect to have a lot of mail-related entries.) and making my own stationery (if I ever take pictures, I'll put them on here), reading (you can see my Goodreads profile in the sidebar - I like to track my process in different things, also reading), spending time on the computer and trying out different things. I have these urges to do something every now and then - sometimes I'll feel like cooking something really elaborate, sometimes I feel like drawing, sometimes I even feel like going out for a run. I've never actually been crazy enough to do the latter one - the thought is ridiculous since I loathe running, but I have gotten the urge to do so! I think it was right after I found about Zombies, Run!. Then I realized I don't own a smartphone and was sort of bummed, but mainly just relieved because I had passed the moment of craziness and remembered that I hate running.

So, like the previous incident proves, I like games as well. I'll admit that any day, but I'll also admit I'm a very casual gamer, the type that all 'serious' gamers frown upon. Well, too bad. I believe games were invented for fun and for fun I shall use them. I very rarely finish games (the only ones I can remember finishing lately were Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, which are just PERFECT. I think I had a little crush on Alistair in Origins, shhh.), but I do like to try out different types. Right now I'm in the middle of Mass Effect (the first one), Black and White II, and I also sometimes play The Sims 3, World of Warcraft (since I got a free month because I bought Diablo 3), Dofus (that's a small MMORPG that I have a long history with, since 2005, and it's actually how I met my boyfriend so it'll always have a special place in my heart) and other games I don't remember right now. I get bored easily, so a game has to offer something special to keep me entertained.

And the last thing you should know about me is that all the things I've listed here are by no means the only ones I enjoy. Like I mentioned before, I have urges. Because of that, I'm interested in zillions of subject and I know about a lot of things - just not very much about anything specific. I'm very good at trivias, haha, because my head is filled with useless information. I'm the kind of person you want to play team up with to play Charades, or Alias, or... well, you get the point. So, yes I like the things I mentioned so far, but I also like a variety of other things. And that will probably be showcased here in the blog as well, since I like to talk about things I like. So, expect the unexpected.

Pictures in this post: letter papers by me. Last image from Mickey's blog.


  1. Interesting. I like your writing style, it's captivating.
    I've heard about that app- Zombie run. I have an Ipod touch so I wasn't sure if the app works without internet/wifi?? Because if it requires wifi it wouldn't work for me. But sounds like an epic way to exercise aha. But I don't hate running long distances, my body does- and tells me it hates me afterwards with lots of pain xp.

    Chocosamurai (SB)

    1. Glad to hear you like my writing! (:

      I checked out the app, and it says in the Appstore site that it is compatible with Ipod Touch as well - but I'd imagine, since it works with GPS, that you need to have internet in order to track your running.

      But yes, it sounds epic indeed! I hope one day I'll join the smartphone crowd and see if the app could make me a runner... I strongly doubt that, but I'll be willing to give it a try!