Thursday, 24 January 2013

track 007 - catching up

Good evening / morning / midday / whatever time it is in your area!

Today I sat down and replied a couple of letters, and I'm still in the middle of writing 2 and haven't even started one. So, I know what I'll be doing with my long weekend (no school tomorrow)!

Romy had sent me a post card through Sendsomething. She ended up writing it so full that she had to continue it on a piece of paper... that's exactly what happens to me! Also why I tend to prefer sending letters to post cards... (: This teeny envelope (you can't properly see the size, but it is about 2/3 of a normal card-sized envelope) holds my reply to her - it's one of the sets I showed earlier on the blog. I realized that I had written in the wrong side of the letter paper! I thought you were supposed to write on the patterned side, but turns out the other one has lines (although they, just like the envelope, are minuscule! Maybe the South Koreans have really petite handwriting or they just like tiny things?).

This doodled envelope is on its way to Russia by now. I participated in a mail art tag, and this is my contribution! I doodle things like that very often, it's calming and if you just have the time and patience, can look very intriguing when you fill areas with different branches, vines and patterns.

In addition to outgoing, I was pampered with incoming mail as well!

The second package in Surprise in an envelope was also definitely more than three items! It included a diary/daily planner for 2013 in a cute cupcake design - something that will come in handy, actually! I bought myself a perfect a5 diary from London last October, but my boyfriend bought me a new handbag for Christmas and it doesn't properly fit in there. This way I can still carry a small diary with me and then copy the stuff in the bigger one if I deem it necessary! Also included were notecards, envelopes and letter papers, a couple of postcards and a stack of pencils.

Tomorrow me and my boyfriend will be having some Mexican food with my family - my mum and brother as well as my aunt are coming over and we're all going to grandma's place, which is about 20 minutes from here. I'm getting hungry just by thinking about it! Mmm. I wish you all a great Friday - and weekend!

P.S. Remember when I told you about the puzzle we were working on? Turns out all our tables are too small for it! We're trying to figure out something now - maybe we'll do it on the floor and hope the cat doesn't eat too many pieces...

P.P.S. The Month of Letters is coming up! Drop me a line in my e-mail ( if you'd like to receive something in the mail from me in February! I could still use many new people to send something to!

P.P.P.S. Remind me to tell you about how we got locked in the sauna and my boyfriend had to climb out of the window. Next time. I'm going to bed now!


  1. I love the doodled enveloppe! Never tried this myself...I have no idea how to start. About the puzzle: when is was puzzling I had a thin plank so I could move the puzzle wherever I liked to sit: in front of the TV... at the kitchen, in the garden, ....
    And oh my... I can't wait to hear your story about the sauna :)
    x Mayuze

    1. Give it a go, it's not hard! I, myself, start by making the 'grand' lines (vines, branches) with a pencil and making lots of changes until it looks nice and balanced. Then I go through the swirls and curves with an ink pen and fill in the leaves, thorns and other patterns. Practice makes perfect! (:

      The plank sounds like a perfect solution - the thing is, the puzzle really is huge - 144 cm x 68 cm! It should be a big plank...

  2. i envy people who can just 'doodle' and make it look awesome. I for one try this and it ends up looking awful!!!

    1. It's all a matter of practice so you learn what looks good together and what doesn't! (: So pick up the pen, don't be afraid... and give it a try!