Wednesday, 30 January 2013

track 011 - bits and pieces

So, I said there wouldn't be any more mail pictures unless I received something awesome... well, I did receive something awesome! I tend to order quite a lot of stuff from Etsy and eBay, and it's always lovely to see an envelope from a person whose name you recognize but don't remember what you ordered! So, today I received my sticker order from Hong Kong and an ephemera kit and lovely extra goodies (a post card and some cute stickers) from Wreckthisgirl (that was fast! I ordered it last Saturday!).

Fun fact: I was actually going to enclose a sheet or two in Satu's envelope (she's my partner in a swap at the moment), but then saw on her blog that she just received the same stickers this week... so I didn't. :D

Now, I still have a ton of stuff to so before taking off tomorrow around midday. So, packing and organizing, laundry and sending some mail awaits!


  1. I really like your received stuff! I am following you now :)

    1. Thank you, I like it too! I hope you continue to enjoy my posts! (: