Wednesday, 23 January 2013

track 006 - mailbox happiness

Yesterday I had three lovely thick envelopes waiting for me at home!

The one on the top was a letter from U.S.A. - Erica wrote to me via Sendsomething. I love it when I receive something I haven't been expecting!

The one in the middle is a very thick envelope from Canada - I finally received the letter papers and airmail stickers I ordered from Julie! I'm always low on letter paper, so I opted for a stationery grab pack. I like surprises and it included several random letter paper designs, a fair amount of each - 50 altogether. That should be good for a few letters! I may have let out a little squeal when I realized what the envelope was - the anticipation between seeing it and opening it is just delicious, don't you think?

I also got an envelope from Germany, one that included tag items. It was a tag where you were supposed to send 3 items in an envelope without checking your partner's profile. It was great to receive something completely surprising! My partner sent me more than 3 items - I feel spoiled now - and they included a beautiful postcard with dunes and a lighthouse, and a big flat felt reindeer! I really loved that one, since I sent some reindeer / elk felt stickers to my pen pals around Christmas (even saved a couple for myself because I liked how they looked) and it looks exactly like them!

Since I'm in the process of talking about stuff I've received, here's some more goodies I ordered online:

So cute lettersets! I ordered them on eBay from DreamingiDesign. Since I couldn't decide which set I liked the best, I ordered the pack that included one of each. The time between ordering them and receiving them was 9 days and they shipped from South Korea - fast!

I think the beige one might be my favourite.

On another note... I discovered a genious game the other day! Challenge Accepted is a game where you play as a role playing character, completing tasks, quests and odysseias - that are your life! Since I'm so hooked on RPG's, I discovered this is a great way to achieve things - I add things I need to do on my list, and when I don't feel like doing them, just the thought of the +50xp gives me some sort of motivation! It's in beta still, so if you do try it out and find bugs, do report them so the game can keep on developing. Oh, and it's made by two American women, Amy and Daisy - girl power all the way.

So, at the moment there are quite a few things on my to-do list. I'm quite busy with school at the moment, since we're doing a project that involves a customer, and those always take time and require loads of meetings. But I won't be forgetting leisure either - me and my boyfriend are working on a 3000-piece puzzle of Picasso's Guernica! That might not sound like fun to everyone, but I happen to thoroughly enjoy puzzles, and when you combine it with us planning our summer (touring around France, anyone?), it is very relaxing AND productive!

photo from

Next time I'll try and finally show you how I store my letter-writing stuff and hopefully I'll have some pretty outgoing mail to document as well as incoming! Now I'm off to see if we can make any sense of the puzzle yet...


  1. I am glad to see someone else visits webshops often too. :) I may have a very similar post to come!
    And LaPapierre, ooooooooh <3. I also ordered some stationery from Julie, but haven`t yet received. So anxiosly waiting!
    School, same thing here. Why can`t we just write and receive letters 24/7? :)

    1. I ordered some more stuff from Etsy today while I still haven't received everything I've ordered earlier... oh my! And yes, if someone would pay me for writing letters, I would totally do that instead of studying and other boring stuff!