Wednesday, 16 January 2013

track 004 - dance till you're dead

This song always makes me want to dance! I love it.

Yesterday I started my dance lessons! They started at 19:30 and I thought I'd try and be there around fifteen minutes before the start, because even though they're held at my school, I don't know where all the dance halls are and I didn't want to be the one wandering around and knocking on every door. So, I took the car (to a 700 metre trip, yes, I'm lazy - I figured I'd be sweaty after the lesson and wouldn't want to walk home in minus degrees) and arrived at the school at 19:18, which wasn't that bad. Until... I realized I left my wallet at home and the receipt for paying for the lessons was in there! So I had to call my boyfriend to bring my wallet outside (so I wouldn't have to park the car, walk up to our apartment, search for the wallet and so on) and, yes, drive back. Because of that, I arrived to the dance department at exactly 19:30 and was so afraid I'd be late! I hovered around a bit until I saw a sign pointing to dance halls 3&4 - the one I had to find was 3. However, there was only one door - and when I walked through it, I ended up looking at a group of people making guttural sounds and banging each others in the back with their fists. (I later found out it was called 'experimental theatre'.) "I assume this isn't the dance hall 3?", I asked the only person who wasn't busy shouting, and she said that ballroom 3 is just on the other side of the wall, there's just no door inbetween them. (Why on earth are they both on the sign?) So, the dance hall 3 was the one I had earlier passed and not paid any more attention to because it had no number or sign on it (why on earth not?). In hindsight, all those people sitting outside of it should've been a hint. Well, all's well when the end's well, and I found the hall and wasn't even late (well, I was, but so was the teacher). 

Now, for the actual lesson. It's called MTV Style and it consists of three different parts: warming up, long choreography and short 'fashion' choreography. I really liked the fact that the warming up part actually made me pant and sweat - it wasn't just, you know, jumping up and down but also crunches, push ups and stretching. The long choreography is something we work on for 4 lessons at a time and then switch to another one - the first one is to a Jennifer Lopez song which I've never heard before, but I'll take the teacher's word for it. Honestly, it's a bit annoying because the song is all whiney and I prefer something a bit more 'pumped up', but the actual choreography isn't that easy so if it was to something faster, I'd be in deep sh*t. I'm having a hard time coordinating my hands and feet at the same time as it is... The third part, 'fashion dance' is something short and easy that's been all the rave at some point, so it's more for the fun part than actually learning something! This time we did Saturday Night Fever - yes, with the Travolta move - and it was a blast. A bit shorter than what I would've liked, but hey, we only had 10 minutes left anyway! It was a great way to end the lesson, although my hand-feet coordination still isn't quite working. There was a place where you're supposed to put your left hand behind your head, lift your left foot and smack it with your right hand. Well, I took the 'smack' part very seriously, it made a very convincing sound - if only I hadn't gotten my hands mixed up and ended up smacking myself in the head. Several times. How come that is so hard to me?

I also got mail yesterday! Eva J. via Sendsomething sent me a post card (in German! I was thrilled to notice I could still understand it, even though the speaking/writing part has completely escaped me) and two tea bags. I'm looking forward to trying them! I haven't gotten mail in ages (really! Since December!) so it was so nice to have an envelope waiting for me. Eva also recommended me to try a site called DaWanda and I've been drooling over everything there, trying to restrain myself. Recently I've ordered TONS of things from Etsy and other similar sites, and I can't wait to receive them and show you all the prettiness!

How was everyone else's Tuesday? I hope you avoided the smacking yourself in the head -part.

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  1. DaWanda is such a cute site! Can't wait to see what you got from Etsy. :)

    *now your newest follower via greader.