Saturday, 12 January 2013

track 002 - League of Extraordinary Penpals

The League of Extraordinary Penpals is a project by two bloggers/snail mail enthusiasts: Julie from Penpal of the Week and Laura of Please Deliver to... . As I follow both these blogs regularly, I was so excited to hear about this project when it broadcasted to my Google Reader! The League is a club where, in exchange for a membership fee, you get cool stuff related to letter-writing: including but not limited to printables, organized swaps, pen pal challenges and interviews with other League members.

Since the membership fee was more than affordable (my three-month subscription only cost 8 Canadian dollars, which is a bit over 6 euros), I obviously couldn't resist joining. I would've joined for the whole year, but as I'm known for getting bored with things quickly, I thought I'll try the three months first and then extend my membership if I'm still excited about it.

As superheroes are usually supposed to stay anonymous, I won't reveal much of my alter ego here... suffice to say my awesome superhero name is Arctic Comet and I am obviously damn near omnipotent.

If there are people out there who'd like to be a member of an awesome club like this, do join. The membership fees go to the two coordinators, and from what I've read about them (for example this post by Julie), they really deserve it. I'm happy to sponsor them both even if only with my measly 8 CAD. Another way to show your support is to for example purchase things from their Etsy shops - I recently ordered items from Julie's La Papierre and will report back here when they arrive from Canada. I haven't tried Laura's Please Deliver To shop, but will do in the future as it's packed with wacky envelopes and other things!

I think it's great that there are still people out there who don't think snail mail is dead, and these two ladies have a big following that will hopefully keep on growing. Kudos to them both!

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